6 Top Manufactures for Lubrication Pumps You Need To Know

May 27,2024

Here are six lubrication pump vendors to consider for handling everything from precision machine lubrication to high-volume bulk transfers.

Effective lubrication relies on using the right pumps to supply oils and greases at set pressures or volumes. With so many options, it helps narrow down top-tier manufacturers based on key factors like duty ratings, configurability, and proven reliability.

Lubrication Pumps Manufacturers – 6 Top Picks

Here are six lubrication pump vendors to consider for handling everything from precision machine lube to high-volume bulk transfers.

1. Aocheng Group

For 40+ years, Aocheng has engineered heavy-duty, high-precision lubrication pumps for critical industrial uses. Their innovative yet affordable pumps cover light to extreme-duty applications.

Modular designs allow tailored lubricant delivery to match usage needs. High configurability plus global service programs make Aocheng lubrication pumps top choices for long-lasting value.

As an established lubrication leader, Aocheng builds next-level reliability into everything they manufacture. Their expertise and quality set Aocheng apart as number one for lubrication pumps.

2. Grundfos

The Grundfos name carries strong global brand recognition for high-quality pumping solutions. Their industrial lubrication pumps deliver precision fluid metering for machine tool lubrication, circulation oiling, and centralized lube systems.

Rugged stainless steel models handle demanding environments. Advanced VFD controls enable custom delivery profiles to match equipment needs. Grundfos makes lubrication automatic, protecting production assets.

3. Xylem

Water technology giant Xylem offers extensive pump options through popular brands like Jabsco. Their lineup includes drum transfer, high-precision gear, and air-powered grease pumps covering capacities from moderate to heavy duty.

Xylem leverages the latest manufacturing techniques alongside decades of application knowledge. Customers trust their build quality and engineering standards to produce ideal lubrication pumps.

4. KSB

German engineering is synonymous with precision machinery, making KSB lubrication pumps well-suited for exact, reliable fluid metering without fluctuation. Energy-efficient designs reduce operating costs over time.

KSB’s customizable pumps serve light processes up to heavy industry requirements reliably 24/7, thanks to quality components. Advanced monitoring protects your assets while optimizing maintenance.

5. Flowserve

Major industrial pump producer Flowserve provides custom hydraulic lubrication systems matched to specific equipment sets. This encompasses pumps, reservoirs, piping, nozzles, and monitoring.

Their solutions utilize industry-leading pump designs sized for each application. Flowserve ensures lubricants maintain proper circulation and filtration to enhance equipment longevity.

6. Gorman-Rupp

Known for self-priming pump designs, Gorman-Rupp made their reputation in wastewater transport but also manufactures light and medium-duty hydraulic lubrication pumps. Configurable capacities reaching 210 GPH cover numerous shop uses.

Simple but rugged construction handles thin and viscous lube oils reliably. Gorman-Rupp pumps represent affordable, entry-level options from a trusted American brand for low-pressure applications not needing precision metering.


Reliable, efficient lubrication pumps form the foundation for protecting critical production machinery. As an established lubrication leader for 40+ years, Aocheng engineers heavy-duty pumps tailored to handle the toughest industry applications.

Aocheng’s expertise and configurability combined with global service programs make them top choices for long-lasting value. Contact Aocheng today to find the right lubrication pumps maximizing your asset productivity.

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