What is a Vapor Recovery Nozzle?

Apr 10,2024

Vapor recovery nozzles are the eco-friendly solution at gas stations, trapping harmful gasoline vapors before they pollute the air. With dual passages and airtight seals, they redirect emissions underground, promoting cleaner air and a healthier planet with every refuel.

Gasoline is a highly volatile liquid, releasing potent vapor molecules into the atmosphere as you pump it into your tank. These vapors contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are a major source of air pollution, smog, and potential health issues.

To combat this, many areas require gas stations to use vapor recovery systems that capture those vapors before they’re released. This technology centers around special two-way nozzles that form an airtight seal during refueling.

Key things to know about vapor recovery nozzles:

  • Capture gasoline vapors instead of releasing them into the air
  • Use vacuum assistance and rubber bellows to seal the fuel inlet
  • Vapors get routed into underground storage tanks

In this article, we will discuss in detail about vapor recovery nozzles and their functionality.

Vapor Recovery Nozzle – Everything You Need to Know

A vapor recovery nozzle looks similar to a standard gasoline nozzle, with a spout that inserts into your vehicle’s fuel inlet. But it also has some key differences that enable it to capture those vapors.

The nozzle features a rubber bellow that forms an airtight seal around the inlet rim during refueling. It’s this seal that allows the nozzle to capture vapors.

The nozzle is also equipped with two passages instead of just one – the first pumps gas into your tank as usual, while the second connects to the vapor recovery line. As gasoline flows into your tank, it creates a vacuum that draws the vapors out and funnels them down the recovery line.

Those vapors then route all the way back underground into a sealed storage tank, rather than going into the atmosphere. 

Benefits of Vapor Recovery

By capturing something that would otherwise become smog-causing emissions, vapor recovery nozzles provide major environmental and health benefits – especially in larger cities with lots of gas stations and vehicle traffic.

They essentially turn what was once wasted gasoline vapor into a re-usable product that can be recycled back through the station’s systems. And they make your experience of pumping gas a bit cleaner and less smelly each time.

Some brands even claim their models can recover up to 95% of vapors released from the pump! Not a bad way to make that routine refueling stop more sustainable.


While vapor recovery slightly slows down flow rates compared to standard nozzles, that’s a small price to pay in exchange for reducing pollution. The minimal extra wait is well worth getting all those harmful vapors out of the air you breathe.

So, the next time you spot and use the vapor recovery nozzles – know that you’re doing your part for the planet by taking advantage of this simple yet innovative emissions-capturing technology. A little patience goes a long way toward cleaner, healthier communities for everyone.

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