7 Top Hydraulic Coupler Manufacturers and Products 

Jun 05,2024

Learn about seven leading hydraulic coupler manufacturers, their backgrounds, and their best-selling products, including Holmbury Ltd. and Bobcat Company.

This article explores seven leading hydraulic coupler manufacturers: Safeway Hydraulics, Parker Hannifin, Stucchi USA, Faster S.p.A., Holmbury Ltd., Bobcat Company, and Aocheng. 

These companies are known for their innovative and reliable hydraulic coupling solutions that enhance system efficiency and performance. 

Read on to learn about their backgrounds, best-selling products, and industry standards.

7 Leading Hydraulic Coupling Manufacturers

1. Safeway Hydraulics


Safeway Hydraulics has been a prominent manufacturer of hydraulic quick couplers since 1959, based in the United States. 

They are known for their commitment to quality and innovation in fluid transfer solutions.

Best-Selling Product

Safeway Wing Series Hydraulic Couplers


The Safeway Wing Series offers robust construction, easy operation, and compatibility with a wide range of hydraulic equipment. 

It meets ISO 16028 standards for quick couplers, ensuring reliability and performance.

2. Parker Hannifin Corporation


Parker Hannifin Corporation is a global leader in motion and control technologies, including hydraulic couplers. 

With a presence in over 50 countries, they provide comprehensive solutions for various industries.

Best-Selling Product

Parker Pioneer Series Hydraulic Coupler


The Parker Pioneer Series is known for its durability, leak-free performance, and versatility. 

It meets stringent industry standards and is widely used in construction, agriculture, and industrial applications.

3. Stucchi USA


Stucchi is an Italian company with a strong presence in the hydraulic coupling industry, known for its quick coupler solutions. 

Stucchi USA serves the North American market with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Best-Selling Product

Stucchi FIRG Series Hydraulic Coupler


The Stucchi FIRG Series offers high flow rates, robust construction, and compatibility with high-pressure hydraulic systems. 

It meets ISO 16028 standards and is designed for reliable performance in demanding environments.

4. Faster S.p.A.


Based in Italy, Faster S.p.A. (Faster Couplings) specializes in quick-release hydraulic couplings for mobile and industrial applications. 

They have a global presence and are recognized for their innovative hydraulic solutions.

Best-Selling Product

Faster Flat-Face Series Hydraulic Coupler


The Faster Flat-Face Series ensures minimal fluid spillage during connection and disconnection, making it ideal for environments where cleanliness is crucial. 

It complies with ISO 16028 standards and offers quick and secure coupling.

5. Holmbury Ltd.


Holmbury Ltd., headquartered in the United Kingdom, designs and manufactures hydraulic couplers and valves for global markets. 

They focus on providing reliable fluid transfer solutions for diverse applications.

Best-Selling Product

Holmbury Flat-Face ISO A Series Hydraulic Coupler


The Holmbury Flat-Face ISO A Series is renowned for its robustness, ease of use, and compatibility with various hydraulic systems. 

It meets ISO 16028 standards and offers superior sealing and durability.

6. Bobcat Company


Bobcat Company, a subsidiary of Doosan Bobcat Inc., is a leading manufacturer of compact equipment and hydraulic attachments. 

They are known for their innovative hydraulic coupler designs.

Best-Selling Product

Bobcat Hydraulic Coupler


Bobcat hydraulic couplers are designed for quick and easy attachment changes on Bobcat loaders and excavators. 

They ensure efficient operation and compatibility with Bobcat’s range of hydraulic attachments.

7. Aocheng


Aocheng is a reputable manufacturer based in China with over 40 years of experience in producing hydraulic couplers and fittings. 

They serve global markets with a commitment to quality and affordability.

Best-Selling Product

Aocheng Steel Hydraulic Coupler


Aocheng hydraulic couplers are known for their reliability, durability, and cost-effectiveness. 

They offer a range of coupler types to suit different applications, ensuring efficient fluid transfer and system integration.

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